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China market entry solutions for UK businesses

We provide incisive, locally-led China market entry consultancy to organisations in London and the UK looking to take advantage of exciting opportunities and build lasting relationships in the burgeoning Chinese market.

With a nationwide network of local contacts, a clear understanding of the latest local economic and political conditions, and our team in Beijing providing on-the-ground expertise, we can facilitate the smoothest possible start for your success in China.

Understanding the complex and challenging Chinese market

China’s economic vitality does not necessarily translate to easy access. While it is no longer the closed market it once was, China does not always operate by systems and norms associated with Western business practice.

A host of standards, rules and customs await the uninitiated and are subject to constant changes that even established Chinese companies find it hard to keep pace with.

Without expert understanding, coming to terms with the country’s idiosyncrasies can be an expensive and time-consuming learning curve.

Why choose Asian Absolute?

Talk with your local audience in the language they understand.

It’s more than just the actual words – it’s understanding the culture, knowing the local slang and making sure that your audience’s preferences are always met.

  • You’ll always be working with a native speaker of your target language – important when you want to communicate like a local
  • Take advantage of our longstanding expertise in many industries
  • Get the swiftest turnaround of any project – we have a global network of linguists
  • Relax knowing that we meet the exacting ISO:9001 quality management standard in all work we do for you


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

The services we deliver in London

We cover every aspect of the China market entry process – from logistical planning to legal guidance, China company registration, and concrete strategies for marketing mixes and distribution channels.

We offer all of the following to our UK clients:

  • Market Entry Packages
  • Translation
  • Other marketing services
  • China company registration and formation (Representative office or WOFE)

Our market entry packages start from as little as USD $250, and allow UK-based businesses to choose the level of support they need when doing business in China.

Below are some examples of our most popular packages, all of which can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

China market entry package 1

  • Translate, typeset and print bilingual English-Chinese business cards
  • Produce a Chinese web page, and link from your English homepage
  • Arrange an interpreter for your meetings and travel in China

China market entry package 2

  • Initial consultation
  • Research – identifying prospective customers, partners or vendors
  • Arrange meetings for your visit to China
  • Translate, typeset and print bilingual business cards
  • Translate, typeset and print bilingual info sheets
  • Produce a Chinese microsite and link from your English homepage
  • Arrange an interpreter for your meetings and travel in China

China market entry package 3

  • Initial consultation
  • Research
  • Arrange meetings for your visit to China
  • Produce three options for your Chinese company name, with cultural explanations pronunciation guides and English back-translations
  • Design three options for your Chinese logo, with cultural explanations
  • Translate, typeset and print bilingual business cards
  • Translate, typeset and print Chinese brochure
  • Translate your full website and link from your English homepage
  • Arrange an interpreter for your meetings and travel in China
  • Post-visit debrief and identification of next steps
  • Set up a dedicated China phone line and email address, fielding calls and emails in line with your instructions

Getting the support you need

Wondering why you should choose us? Find out what our clients say about us and see why you should.

Whether you’re looking to outsource all of your China operations, or simply want to research future opportunities, we’re happy to design a cost-effective China market entry solution for you. Contact us or enquire for a free quote now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my translation cost?

The long answer is that your translation cost will vary depending on things like the volume of material you need to have translated, your target language/s as well as several other important factors.

The short answer is that it’s always best to get in touch for a free quote. There’s no fee or obligation – and you can get a clearly costed price breakdown of your specific project so you know exactly where you stand.

Do you offer discounts for volume?

If you often find yourself in need of professional translation services, we may be able to offer you special rates. These will be based on the amount of work and level of partnership you have in mind.

We do this for numerous regular clients around the world, ensuring a cost-effective solution for each client’s unique requirements.

How do I pay for my translation services?

We accept domestic and international bank transfers, most major credit and debit cards and PayPal payments from both private individuals and companies. Just let us know how you prefer to pay and we will be happy to suggest a method which is convenient for you.

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