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Medical interpreters for companies and individuals

Research and Development. Cosmeceuticals. Biotechnology. Frontline medical care. Rely on the medical interpreters already used across the US by leading research companies, clinics and healthcare professionals. They are consistently accurate. Discreet. And yours will have a deep knowledge of the medical concepts, processes and terminology used in your particular field.

Because only someone with qualifications and/or experience approaching your own can help you communicate with the same confidence and authority in another language.

Whether you need medical interpreting services for a conference. For lab work. For business development activities. Or you need the kind of fluently bilingual specialist who can communicate complex medical concepts to your patients in straightforward language. Always displaying the right level of empathy in traumatic situations. Asian Absolute has the expert linguist you need.

Why choose Asian Absolute?

Asian Absolute’s medical interpreters are used in the US and worldwide by medical healthcare providers, patients and commercial enterprises. In over 120 languages. On five continents. Here’s why:

  • Rely on award-winning expertise – Asian Absolute is an industry award-winner in project management.
  • Get the confidentiality you need in any situation – from doctor-patient confidentiality. To protecting the kind of secure information which is vital to your company’s commercial future. Your linguist will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. As well as any other security agreements you might prefer.
  • Native-speaking linguists guarantee clarity – connect with professionals and patients in more than 120 languages. Communicate through an expert with more than simple fluency in both languages.
  • Count on having the right experience in any situation – do you need to host a healthcare seminar? Visit an emergency ward? Or conduct bilingual lab work or research? Get expertise and experience matched to your exact circumstances.
  • Get industry-recognised quality – all of Asian Absolute’s medical interpreting services meet the highly sought-after ISO:9001 quality management standard. They are recognised by the American Translators Association, the ATC in Europe and many other global bodies.


Asian Absolute helped in the challenging task of building a world-class translation service. They provide top quality, personal service.

Financial Times

I was extremely impressed by Asian Absolute’s hard work to complete the project to our high standards and within a very tight timeframe.

Global Witness

Many thanks for your help and also for providing an interpreter for the week, she was absolutely fantastic and a real life-saver!

Guinness World Records

Working with the same medical interpreters in the US and globally

Everyone has their own way of communicating. The more you use the same linguist, the more they will become used to yours. Your preferences. Your mannerisms. The way you like to express yourself. Likewise, you will become used to them. Knowing that you can rely on their expertise, discretion and consideration at all times.

In a series of doctor-patient appointments or a long-running course of treatment, this can be an extra source of support. But it’s highly useful in any situation where you’re counting on someone else to make your message sound loud and clear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of medical interpreting services are there?

Your situation and needs will determine the most suitable way to have your service delivered:

  1. In-person medical interpreting services – are the kind you’ll probably be most familiar with. Your linguist is in the room with you. Part of the conversation. Ideally placed to aid in any communication.
  2. Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) – this distance-delivered option is handy if you need a language specialist in a hurry, or in a remote location. But it is slightly limited in that your linguist can’t see any visual cues from anyone in the conversation. Your linguist can pay attention to verbal cues to overcome this.
  3. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) – VRI has the added advantage of having visual as well as audio links. This enables your language specialist to see both types of cues. Both people in the conversation will, of course, need suitable software as well as cameras and microphones.

Asian Absolute already provides clinics, professionals and patients across Australia and around the globe with specialist medical interpreters in different fields. You will always be working with someone with experience and/or qualifications in your specific field. Be it frontline medical care. Biotechnology. Research and Development. Cosmeceuticals. Or any other.

When would I need medical interpreters?

There is a wide range of situations where this type of language specialist will be vital:

  • When used in frontline medical care – easing communication between family doctors and patients, or in emergency situations
  • During research studies
  • As part of medical conferences, seminars and teaching events
  • Designing instructions and labels for medical equipment
  • Creating marketing and advertising for medicines or medical equipment
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