Specialist interpreting assignments

A qualified and perfectly prepared interpreter

Our client is a global pharmaceuticals company.

They needed a Korean consecutive interpreter for a UK site inspection by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.

This was an intensive three-day assignment which required a high level of pharmaceutical knowledge.

What challenges did we take on?

  • The main challenge was the technical nature of this interpreting assignment. The client requested an interpreter who had expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the inspection, the client also asked for an individual who had previously undertaken similar assignments.

What did we do?

Thanks to Asian Absolute’s extensive network of interpreters, we were able to assign a Korean interpreter who had an excellent track record of pharmaceutical interpreting assignments – including site inspections by the Korean Food and Drug Administration. A perfect fit for our client!

To facilitate the interpreter’s preparation and to allow him to get familiar with the specifics of the subject matter, we encouraged our client to provide us with reference materials.

Although it is best practice to supply interpreters with reference materials ahead of an assignment, we find that some clients are reluctant to do so – especially when it comes to highly confidential information.

After we signed a non-disclosure agreement, our client provided several reference documents. These included details of the inspection and the criteria the inspectors would be checking.

What was the outcome?

The client felt confident about the interpreter’s competence and was extremely impressed with the high calibre of his interpreting. The interpreter’s conscientious preparation was a key factor in the success of this assignment as it enabled him to research the subject matter thoroughly, as well as understand how the information needed to be presented to the inspector.

The inspection went smoothly and the client was very pleased with the services provided.

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