Right-to-Left Web Translation

Translation of CMS-based newsletters into 30+ languages

Our client is a global PR firm working for one of the world’s largest technology companies.

They needed to translate a monthly newsletter created in the Newsweaver Content Management System (CMS) into over 30 languages.

These were mainly European and Asian languages, but also included Arabic and Hebrew – both right-to-left languages.

What challenge did we take on?

  • Our client would not be able to give our engineers the level of access to the Newsweaver CMS that was required to export and import text automatically. This meant that translations had to be uploaded to the CMS using the copy and paste method. This added to the challenge of delivering high-quality translation.
  • The above necessitated separate editing and proofing for over 30 languages within a tight turnaround time of two working days each time.
  • The Newsweaver CMS did not at that time fully support right-to-left languages. Our engineers identified that the Hebrew translation could only be input into Newsweaver without the characters corrupting if the user was working on a specific outdated Operating System (OS).

What did we do?

In order to match the client’s tight deadline without compromising the quality, Asian Absolute optimised the translation workflow and the project management workload.

We allocated two project managers to handle the many requested languages. Our translators and editors were given direct access and training on the CMS.

Which tools did we use?

Using our SmartBase project management system, our project managers were able to monitor the progress of each language in real-time.

This made it easy to identify potentially problematic languages and put solutions in place in good time.

It also ensured we accommodated the client’s need for staggered deliveries according to the time-zone of each market.

What was the outcome?

The project management and translation workflows we instituted made sure that our client received all of the translations on schedule.

For the Hebrew language version, we were able to source copies of the required outdated OS in Israel. This meant our Hebrew translators could upload the translations without risk of character corruption.

We also introduced an additional Quality Assurance stage for the Hebrew and Arabic translations uploaded to Newsweaver. This was to provide a little extra peace of mind for our busy PR client’s team.

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